Thriving Thirties and Lessons learned (Pt 1)

I am currently in my early thirties, 32 years to be precise. I am very proud of my age. It proves that I have been given an opportunity in this life to grow and mature. Growing old is inevitable, the best thing you can do, is to allow yourself to age gracefully.

Allow life to naturally go through its rightful motions. Take good care of yourself, eat right, and maintain a youthful body and spirit. After all age is just a number.

It’s not a sin to be old and you are as old as you feel.  Honestly, I think this is the most beautiful decade of my life so far. I thought being in the twenties and feeling forever young was everything. I was wrong! Growing old is not as bad as I had thought.

When I was 29yrs I dreaded the fast approaching 3rd floor. I felt like thirties was the beginning of the end. A start of old age, where everything goes downhill afterwards, how wrong! Contrary to my thoughts, thirties is the beginning of another beautiful decade in my life.

A decade where I am handed keys to unlock levels of me that are locked. It’s a decade of discovering new skills and potentials. Adjusting and steering my life to a direction of my choice. Its finally figuring out who I really am as an individual.

Many things that seemed to matter in my twenties, suddenly lost their meaning. It’s like a layer of blindness was lifted from my eyes. I started seeing people and things clearly in black and white.  I can describe my 20s as a grey area in life. A period when a lot of things I did, didn’t have any roots, vision or goals.

I was just moving with the flow, drifting with trends and the hypes. It felt nice and I was happy. This is how twenties should be. It’s a time to have fun, make mistakes and learn from them. To fall and rise and fall again. It’s a stage that should be lived exactly that way. It’s vital, it gives you time to fumble around and test the waters. Before life yanks you and brings you to the thresholds of the big THREE OH.

So, I stepped into my 30s scared and alas! It was like a new dawn. At first, I felt so old like a granny 🙂 I remember one time during a conversation, my young cousin asked how old I was. I told her 30, she was surprised, her reply was “gosh you are so old!” I felt weird lol, but I put on a brave face.

Life starts moving fast, like someone pressed the speed button. The brain starts racing and regrouping. It senses an urgency, a need to realign and focus on living a more quality life. Habits change and starts focusing hard on serious things.

Things like health, career, making a family and building a stable future. It hit me hard that I have just stepped foot in the future! And then, as if turning 30 was not tough enough, I lost my job. Whoa! I felt like the carpet had been pulled from right under my feet.

After a while I got used to being 30 and old lol. Mostly, the body gets used to creaks and aches that never existed before.  Gaining weight when you are comfortable, then getting thin when you are stressed and broke.

I started a business like any sensible, jobless 30-year-old should, it picked and then failed.  I went back to the drawing board and started another one.  It thrived for a while, then all over sudden without a warning, one day it just collapsed. It left me high and dry and with a loan to pay.

I grew thin again, I knew it was time to get another job. It was clear that business was not mixing with me.

Like I said earlier, since I hit the 30s, years seem to race by. Like they are in a hurry heading someplace better than just staying here with me. Now, two years have passed and in no time am now 32.

Looking back at my twenties, I am thinking of all the important lessons I have learned so far. In the next Article, I Here is a list of the lessons I have learned.

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  2. Kinini August 5, 2018 at 5:45 am

    That is a good article you have written. A lot to learn from. Life lessons. Beautiful Priceless Life.


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