Thriving Thirties and Lessons Learned (Pt 2)

Being new to this phase, I have had to adjust several things about myself. I have learned a lot of paramount lessons about life so far. As promised in my previous article of My thriving thirties I have outlined a few of the lessons I have find important and incorporated in my now very  adult life 😊

Keeping the circle small and tight 

Make your circle of friends decrease in size and increase in value. I have always had few good friends and I intend to keep it that way. It’s better to have one friend who has your back with a clean heart, than three who won’t. Invest in people you know will feed you with goodness as much as you do to them.

The traits of a good friend are honesty, loyalty and respect. I would rather spend quality time with one friend. Someone who delights me with their genuineness, inspirations and tidbits of wisdom. Rather than chasing a group of people you don’t trust or know who they are. And be left feeling empty and unappreciated. Surround yourself with people who keep it rea

Take calculated risks in life 

We get stuck where we are because of fear of the unknown. We are afraid of venturing outside our comfort zones. Stuck in bad relationships because we are afraid of being alone and opening new chapters all by ourselves. Stuck in small time jobs because of security (read permanent employment) but give small time benefits.

We let new opportunities pass us out of fear of losing a small thing we have going on. What we don’t see, is the big rewards waiting on the other side of the small risk. All we need to do, is due diligence. Then take a leap of faith and see where we land. If it fails, we learn something new that will give us a better chance to succeed next time.

On the other hand, don’t go jumping into everything. Just because your friend invested in quails and made it, doesn’t mean you will too. Take your time, study trends and do it because it’s what you want.

It is okay to fail sometimes: 

Be flexible with life. Its normal to win some and lose some. Sometimes, life will be so good to us. When this happens, let’s take advantage of the window as much as we can. Extend our gratitude and spread the goodness of life to others not so lucky. Neither good nor bad situations last forever.

We can’t spend life beating ourselves up for something stupid we did ten years ago. Whether it caused our loved one’s great pain or not, mistakes happen. What matters is our takeaway from the situation. Whether we are remorseful it happened or not. Somethings are done deals and no amount of regret or suffering can undo them.

Let’s Forgive ourselves and others and move on. Let the situation serve as a reminder of things we shall not let happen again. Let things go.

Spending time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door is futile. We need to focus on the present and its possibilities. To prepare and align ourselves. That in case the opportunity arises again, we can grab it. We have the wisdom, the confidence and lessons previously learned. It’s okay to not know everything.

It’s okay to let people who are better than us lead the way. Let’s appreciate their expertise, we are okay being good in other things.

The Power of Silence

Silence, just like words is powerful. It can yield more power than a thousand words. Silence is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of intelligence and inner power. People always have a response for words, they expect offense or defense from us. They are ready to respond fists up with the same might or more.  

But if we give them silence, they get confused. They won’t know how to respond to silence. No one knows what’s going on in our minds. It is effective in all kinds of relationships. As a weapon or for growth and inner peace.

Take some silent moments during a busy schedule, enjoy the tranquility and stillness it offers. It helps clear the mind and generate a new clear path for our thoughts. Within the silence lies an offering to hear ourselves. To attune to our own inner voice and spirit.

Take a morning or evening walk alone, go on a hike and get lost in the beauty that surrounds us. Let it nourish our spirit with beautiful sounds of Mother Earth. Walk barefoot on the grass, watch the sunset or swim in the ocean.

Submerge in nature and experience silence, unconditional utter bliss and peace from your core.

The Beauty of Simplicity

Simplicity is finding beauty, sophistication and elegance in one’s naked self. It is the ability to expose to the world our raw naked beauty for the people that we are. Without the excess makeup and the strange wild outfits or accessories.  It’s an intimate beauty that is peaceful and serene. 

Apart from looks and image. Simplicity is the ability to remove the rush, the greed and lies from our lives. Replacing them with simple attributes of life that make a person appreciable in other people’s eyes. Albert Einstein once said, “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex. It takes touch of genius and lots of courage to move in the opposite direction.”

Why complicate it? A simple life is the most pleasant and satisfying way of living. It gives you joy and a feeling of wholeness.

Good Health and Exercises are Priority

we are told about this over and over. I shall remind you once again. Invest in your health, good eating habits and exercise your body often. It’s funny how human beings are wired; we find it so hard to invest in things that will directly benefit us. But we are fine with spending on things that will only feel good to use or to be seen with.

For example, it’s easy for someone to buy an iPhone or another gadget. He will have all the time to stare at it, but it will not add a single value in his life. The same person will not buy a gym equipment worth less the amount. To incorporate work out sessions in his life.

We find it so hard paying for medical insurance for our health.  Yet we are extra keen on paying our car insurance. we don’t even wait for the expiry date. Lest we have an accident and the car gets damaged. see the irony in that?

If there was an accident, the car would be fine. But we and our broken limbs would have to dig deep in our pockets to pay for the exorbitant medical bills. We may not even afford the best and proper care we need.

The car would be fixed without any stress because we took care of that. We would have received stress-free medical attention had we had invested in a medical policy. Misplaced priorities!

We invest in education policies for our kids’ education all the way to the university. We pay for it diligently every month. Yet we find it so hard to take out a medical insurance for the same kids. We see it as expensive. If by bad luck the same child or another one falls ill in that family. Medical bills could escalate in a blink of an eye.  

A family can move from good money to bankruptcy in a minute through medical bills. When someone is sick, getting them medical care is not an option. University tuition cannot make a family bankrupt, there are many options for that, the child can defer and go back later when finances are better. Think right think wise, health first.

Time is the Essence of Life

Time is life, our life ends when our lifetime is over. Invest time on earth with the utmost care and importance. When the time comes, when we reach the end of the road nothing else will matter to us. The rat race we are running now, gathering and acquiring things. The riches, outfits, social status or our Instagram followers will not matter.

Only time and how we spent it will mean everything at that moment. Time is finite, our life on earth is finite. Know its value, seize it, snatch it, enjoy every moment of it and make it count.  In business, they say time is money but it’s not. Money lost can be recovered triple fold, but time once lost will never be recovered.

Let’s spend time on people we love. Be more forgiving. Instead of wasting time judging, holding grudges and hating. Forgive and move on to other things. Let go of things when it is time to let go. No clinging and spending precious time fighting lost battles. Fighting for things and people that are not worthy of us, LET IT GO.

Love a lot and allow to be loved in return. To love and being loved is to feel the sun from both sides. Enjoy that sun. Let’s appreciate good people and things that we come across. Express gratitude and let them know they are appreciated. It could be the last time we will ever see them. Finally, we should appreciate ourselves and who we are. What time has transformed us into.

Arrange more get-togethers with family or friends and indulge in the beautiful relationships.

Laugh a lot and cherish every moment in life. When time is up, it’s will be gone forever

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