PrideInn Paradise Beach Resort Shanzu, Best for Kids and Family in Mombasa

Today I have a nice feel good feeling, reason? I just remembered of a nice beach resort I visited with my baby girl sometime back in Mombasa. PrideInn Paradise Beach Resort Shanzu is its name.

The memory leaves me with a smile and a merry feeling. Particularly, the presentation of their food in their Dau restaurant! Aaah that place, that food, just pure yumminess! 🙂 . Come with me, let’s take a colorful trip down memory lane and review Pride Inn Paradise hotel.

It was during one of the April holidays. I was home and as usual a trip to the coast was in order. My love for our beautiful beaches and cool breeze from the ocean is insatiable. So, I tapped Mr. Google in search of a gorgeous destination worth visiting.

How I discovered PrideInn Paradise resort

I always search my destinations online, I really appreciate honest reviews on hotels and true images, they really help. Therefore, I decided to be doing the same for other travelers. I searched and boom! I saw a place with amazing reviews and very beautiful photos of the rooms and grounds, I was sold! Am visual like that.

what I saw online!

The long Journey there

It was those days of buses only, kina Mash, Modern Coast and the rest. SGR was not born yet, by the way, am not sure how I feel about that SGR anymore, it’s like that feeling after spending mega bucks for a big ravish wedding and honeymoon, then a few months of living together and struggling to clear the debts, you look at your partner and wonder if the juice was worth all that squeeze. Yes, it’s nice and fast but too expensive for us to afford.

Anyhow, from the plethora of buses available, my most favorites were Dreamline and Spanish Coach. I don’t know who is leading the pack of luxury buses now, but these were the it buses for me back then.

The cream de la cream of Luxury, with cozy seats, leg space, charging ports and air conditioning. The Spanish coach went all out, it even served lunch for the VIP seats occupants at some point, bus was living on the fast lane 🙂 . The buses were good, the road was the problem, it was crappy.

We left Nairobi on-board the 10 PM bus and arrived in Mombasa town at 7 in the morning. That trip can drive one around the bend, its so long! especially with a child. This is where the SGR saves its face with its shorter time. We took an Uber to the hotel, it was quite far, around 20kms. We paid 800/- and it was worth every penny for the comfort since we were already tired.

First Glance of the Picturesque hotel

Then we arrived to this!! 🙂

You can always tell if the hotel is worth your money while entering its gates. This one was promising. At the reception we were greeted with a glass of cold juice, nice! more points 😊. The staff were great, I don’t remember much of what transpired, but I clearly do remember our reaction when we walked from the reception headed to our room.

We saw the water park and …… WOW!!…. Was my daughters’ expression. I knew we had arrived; this was the place to be. My daughter loves water and this hotel has a brightly colored safari themed aqua park, she was in paradise! Ever since, she has been comparing kids’ amenities in other hotels to PrideInn Paradise. So far none has exceeded it. I love water too, so we were both very excited 🙂 I need to go back to this place!

We headed to our room and voila! It was simple, clean, cozy, spacious and vibrant. So inviting! I have gone to places that have nice grounds but very bad rooms or awesome rooms and bad grounds. Here, we had hit the jackpot, everything for once was in P.E.R.F.E.C.T harmony, Yaay! 😊

Another awesome fact was that we had booked for 3 nights and had gotten a 4th night absolutely free! Four nights of pure bliss full of water, good food, natural beauty and serenity. The place was just awesome, both kids and adults were really catered for.

I don’t know if this hotel has maintained all the goodness I experienced then, but honestly, this is one of the places that I have gone to and got a real bang for my cash. We totally enjoyed our stay and had fun 🙂

She would swim and swim the whole day until evening. She would turn navy blue with blood shot eyes like a little monster from prolonged water exposure, Ha-ha.

They had lifeguards at the swimming pool, I really loved this! Some hotels don’t have lifeguards. You must really be careful and watch your kid with hawk eyes, especially if you are not swimming yourself. You can’t even read a book peacefully. 


There is this awesome entertainment team that engages you with water sports during the day and dance performances in the evening after dinner. We really danced and had loads of fun in the evenings 😊

The Food!

Now, let’s talk about that food presentation 🙂 Am not a foodie, I really don’t care much about food so long as it’s okay. My favorite meal is usually ugali with nicely cooked sukumawiki, my palate is easy to please. But this place man, it had all types of foods and desserts arranged in such a beautiful way. We would get excited during dinner, they kept outdoing themselves every evening 🙂 .

Hotels give you their best when the capacity is at optimum, the staff gets motivated and serves more happily when the occupancy is not too low and not too overwhelming. That time, the season must have been good. They don’t discriminate on local tourists, in fact since it was school holiday season, it was packed with Kenyan vacationers and the treatment was perfect.

Too bad I lost a bunch of my pictures on a previous phone but thanks to Facebook I was able to retrieve some good ones I had posted and a few from the hotels page. This food made me feel so nice, just by the way it was presented to us 🙂 .

We would arrive for dinner and first take a grand tour around the food to appreciate the artwork 🙂 A special thank you note to the staff of Pride Inn for that effort. It really made us happy. We always remember this.

They serve a 4pm tea with lots and lots of snacks including nduma, ngwaci and mutungos (Arrowroots, sweet potatoes and boiled maize) aaah, this place….wacha tu.

Because we had booked on half board, lunch was from my pocket. Some days I would buy lunch for my daughter only 🙂 I would take a few bites as we waited for the evening tea to binge on the snacks :).

The food was a bit pricey. 750/- for a plate of chips and a few wings lol. But this is cheap compared to the food prices at Swahili beach hotel (a review for another day). I had gone there when I was broke, Weeh! We almost starved during lunches 😊.

Beach and grounds

The grounds on this hotel are gorgeous! From the manicured lawns to the carefully thought water park, the pools and the red sunbeds with red umbrellas. They all make it picturesque.

There is a pool bar in the middle of the pool. You order drinks as you sit in the water stools with your legs in the water. Always feels good to do this 🙂 .

The building exteriors were in perfect condition. Am not sure if they are still the same. I noted the heavy rains usually takes a toll on most hotels. It takes them time to recover and do renovations. I hope Pride Inn is still holding up to my 5 star review.

The beach on this hotel is nothing to report home about. But they have made a volleyball pitch with white sand and it’s fun to play. They also have sunbeds that you can lazily lounge on after a dip in the ocean as you take in the cool breeze.

The ocean here is full of sea weeds. You can’t swim comfortably. This is common with most beaches along the north coast. If you truly want to walk on beautiful white sandy beaches with awesome clear water, then you better head to south coast. To Diani and others. The beaches there are just amazing!!

Nevertheless, this did not bother us at all, we had plenty going on in the hotel itself and it was more than enough.

When I booked this vacation, I compared the offer I had gotten from the hotel itself and what bonfire adventures was offering me. The prices had a huge difference. Bonfire was not giving me the 4th night for free, so I booked directly on my own.

You must do your comparison before you settle on one, sometimes tour companies will get you a good offer, other times you are better off on your own.

Have you been to the Pride Inn Paradise hotel recently? How was your experience? If you haven’t been there, I would suggest you consider it. If you have kids, this is a good place for them. It’s not so expensive especially if you watch out for special offers during the off-peak seasons.

Off-peak seasons are friendly for local tourists. I like visiting Mombasa during that time. I can’t deal with the peak season crowds. It’s not economical.

Final Verdict

PrideInn Paradise Beach Resort was worth my time and money. Writing this review and seeing the pictures again, has made me vividly remember how good it felt to be here. I definitely will go back again soon.

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