Life Beacons and Landmarks

As we grow in this life we come across a lot of things, experience a lot of different events, moments and feelings as well as meet a lot of different people. Each and every one of these have their own impact and meanings in our life. There are some that will leave us vibrating with joy and happiness, others will bring us excruciating pain and devastation and others will leave us with the greatest lessons of our lives.  I love to refer to them as my life’s beacons and Landmarks. They are people and experiences that enter our lives and change us, they change who we are, how we think and react. They impact us in ways that will remain with us for the rest of our lives. Some will stay on with us and others will leave, some of those that leave will leave empty holes and empty spaces that can never be refilled again.

At one point in life you will meet someone who will love you and cherish you in ways deeper than you have ever been loved. These people will elevate you and transform you into a life butterfly. You will be amazed at how genuine love and care can make life a beautiful place. When a human being, be it a man or a woman is loved the right way, they feel so much stronger, they manage to achieve so much more because we all love a good support system and everybody loves a good cheerleader. Love is not restricted in the way it presents itself, it comes in different capacities and forms, at different times and places, for different reasons and purpose. We don’t question it, all we can do is just bask in its glory and warmth and appreciate deeply those people who have chosen to give their love to us and to stand with us during the storm. They are our anchors, they hold us down when the storm threatens to tear us apart, they are our friends and companions who offer their shoulders to lean on and a platform to launch us back into life once the storm is over. I have a few of these people in my life, please know that I appreciate you, I cherish and treasure you deeply, you are my BEACONS and I thank you for being there.

I have gone through life changing experiences and moments that completely changed my life. Some in good ways while others have been of loss and sadness. I call these experiences my LANDMARKS, these are things that have happened to me and will live with me for the rest of my life, every time I look back, I can see them firmly planted at the place and time they took place. They are things that cannot be undone, and each one of them is a story by itself. One of these landmarks is when I had a baby at a very young age, to say I was confused and frightened by life at that moment is an understatement. I sat back and watched my life transform into an unfamiliar territory, fortunately by the grace of God the baby turned out to be a blessing, she changed me to the mature and responsible person I am today. Her birth is a landmark event that I look back at fondly and feel blessed to call her mine.

Another landmark happened just a few years later. You see, I was born to a humble couple from a humble background, we had nothing much in terms of material wealth, we were poor but I usually think of our poverty fondly J.  If I was to choose again, I would choose to be born to the same people in the same state of wealth or lack of because of what that poverty taught me about life, as a rich kid I would never be able to learn them in a million years,  the survival and coping skills I learned have been important tools of trade and survival for me. Growing up I used to be in and out of school a lot due to lack of school fees, even though I managed to complete my studies I left a huge unpaid balance that barred me from being able to get my certificates and hence I could not continue with further studies as a result. A few years later I was lucky to be employed in a small office but I seriously needed to further my studies in order for me to get a better job or pay. The pay was so little that I was not able to save anything towards the fees balance and I had a child to provide for. Then one day out of the blue, my late dad (may his soul RIP) called me and informed me that the then President of Kenya had given a waiver to all people who had unpaid  high school fees balances and declared them settled and that we could all go and collect our certificates!! I was shocked and surprised because, how did that even happen? Something like that had never happened before neither has it happened again after that. It was one of those moments that you just look up and say Lord, I know that was you! Thank you!! And just like that, five years later after high school I was able to enroll myself in campus and obtained papers that got me to my current job. I always look back at this wonderful landmark moment and know for sure God never forsakes his people. He has something for everyone, He will give school fees to the rich and give scholarships and waivers to the poor, He will take you through a different route in life but he will make sure to lead you to the top and once you get there, the world will be all yours to conquer!!

I have also experienced sad moments, I have lost two close and wonderful souls/beacons through death. My dad and my Grandmother. Death is one of the saddest Landmark moment in life. It is a time when life seems to stands still as we struggle to come to terms with the greatest loss. The pain and loss is felt all over again whenever you look back to this moments. But with time we learn to cope with it and we choose to appreciate all the moments that life gave us together with those loved ones. Through death our beloved Beacons becomes Landmarks as their departures from our lives are a life changing moment that we shall never forget.

Life is a wonderful and priceless gift, cherish your beacons, enjoy your happy landmarks and learn to cope with the bad ones, after all these are the things that makes it worth living.

By me – Eunice Kamau

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  1. Kinini April 23, 2019 at 3:22 am

    Nice article, Wanjiku.
    Beacons and landmarks.


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