Life – A Priceless Gift…

Sometimes I just sit back and appreciate LIFE. I mean isn’t being alive the most beautiful and priceless gift one can ever ask for? Forget all your earthly problems and needs. Being alive is the ultimate blessing because all your greatest achievements that make you happy, happen because you were alive when you achieved them.

When I think about life I think about beautiful sunrise and sunsets, I think about forests, rivers and flowers.  Beautiful moments spent with family and friends, people I love and cherish, I think about the challenges, the pains, the hurts, the deep losses I have experienced and all the successes I have achieved. These experiences are like seasoning that helps bring out the best of you.

I think about the beauty of motherhood, those times I look at my daughter and I am blown away by the beauty of giving life to a child. I can’t begin to explain that feeling you experience when you look at this tiny little cute human you brought to this earth that looks like you, adores you and depends on you in every way. Life has given us the power to procreate and produce beautiful little humans and that to me is the epitome of life, life allowing you to give life to another. Isn’t that just awesome?

We should be grateful always for everything that life has offered us, no matter how simple and small it is. Learn the beauty of appreciating the small things. Take a moment away from all those material things you are working so hard to achieve day and night and enjoy the things that the universe has offered you freely.

All this material things that take up most of your time are meaningless, in the end it will come down to the small things that you never had time to enjoy, and when that time comes you will honestly regret why you never took the time off to spend special moments with your loved ones. Why you never took off on a vacation in the country and around the world and you could afford it. Why you never helped a needy person yet you had material things that could have saved a desperate situation.

You will think and regret all these things on your death bed if you don’t do them now. Wake up and smell the coffee, life is too short to spend it only breaking your backs making money and amassing material things that will be left behind.

Take up a hobby, that golfing that you have been putting off, that swimming class you are terrified of, the hiking that you know you love but never seem to have time for because every weekend your friends keep blowing up your phone to turn up in those uptown clubs. Take a walk every now and then, this helps you clear your mind and helps you focus better on important things.

Take some time off and smell the roses, indulge yourself in Mother Nature’s gifts, learn to meditate and calm your soul by being still and silent, take in the pure raw energies from the universe. All these things are especially good for your health and well-being.

Love more, invest in people…surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. Indulge yourself in beautiful genuine friendships. We all need good friends.  Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by  meeting then that this new world is born.  Love these friends unconditionally, love without expectations.

When I was younger I had really good friends, friends who used to fill my space with endless laughter. Life was good and fun!  I loved them deeply but my love for them sadly, was very conditional, I expected them to love and care about me with the same intensity that I did. If I had a problem I expected them to be there for me in the exact same way I would be there for them, nothing less!

Well, this didn’t work out very well because by then I didn’t know that people are very different, the way we all feel, the way we express our emotions is totally different. For example, if a close friend is going through a rough time I get emotionally involved, I find myself feeling their pain and putting myself in their shoes and will constantly keep checking on them.

Other people react differently, some get confused and don’t know what to do but you know they are there and if you need anything they are there for you, they are at a loss for words even though they feel your pain. They think the best thing is to give you some space.

Let’s not be so judgmental about other people’s actions, sometimes we judge people without even giving them a chance to explain why they did what they did, in most cases,  if you listen to their reasoning and look at it from their perspective, you will see they had no intentions of hurting you, it’s just that they were coming from a different angle.

Learn to overcome bitterness swiftly, don’t let yourself wallow in disappointments, it is a waste of time and you will end up being stressed. The more you hold onto a grudge, the bitter you become and it will end up affecting you in other areas of life, it will spill over into other relationships and put a strain on them for no reason.

I know this first hand and I regret losing some beautiful friendships, maybe they would have blossomed into life time relationships. I was too bitter and angry I kept cutting people off if they fell short of my expectations.  By the time I matured and learned I was wrong, it was too late and the friendships  couldn’t be salvaged. So I moved on but I brought with me the lessons learned.

Now I try to love unconditionally, if i get into a good friendship, I try to give my friends as much as I can without expecting anything in return, that way I protect myself from disappointments and receive what they offer as pleasant surprises.  Let their kindness and generosity come as joyful surprises and not as your entitlement. This way the friendship will thrive and grow stronger and everyone will be happy.

How many friends have you lost because they didn’t measure up to your standards? That what they had to offer was not good enough for you? Do you regret it? Have you learned anything from it? And has it made you a better friend than you were before? Do you love your friends for who they really are? With their strengths and weaknesses? Do you give them the best of you? Think about it and improve yourself accordingly.

Learn to live for yourself, you are in competition with no one, your life is the only place where you are the star by default! So own it. Customize it to your liking and standards, you have the power to live it the way you want and deserve.  If you feel like your friends or family dislike you because you are different, leave them alone, don’t conform, be yourself, DO YOU!  The world will adjust accordingly. They will find you in your corner if they ever  need you.

Live within your means to avoid financial distress, stop chasing other people’s dreams, you will only wear yourself out. Be genuinely happy with other people’s success.

Learn to appreciate the little you have, don’t be too ambitious you forget to appreciate the small successes that come along the way because you are too focused on making it big that you overlook small winnings. There is a very thin line between ambition and greed, so, be careful.

Don’t postpone living for the present because you are working so hard to secure the future with the hope to retire early and enjoy life 10 years to come. Life tomorrow is not guaranteed, you are here today and gone tomorrow. Save by all means, but enjoy what is here today and the future will bring with it its tidings.

If you are financially blessed, live accordingly, upgrade accordingly, stop living like a pauper and accept your blessings but be humble. Don’t go rubbing your money and wealth on people’s faces, its so vain. Your blessings are your blessings, you don’t need to validate them.  Instead, be kind and generous, embrace the art of giving. Help someone out, its fulfilling to know that your help saved a life or situation.

God can  choose someone to be a channel of blessings to other people’s lives. You could be that person in your family, your siblings’ blessings could be coming through you. So help them without giving up on them, they could be the sole reason why you are successful and your business is thriving, they could be the reason your career is sky rocketing at that rate, its because God knows they depend on you. So go on, don’t tire, keep helping until they can stand on their feet, your blessings will be doubled.

Remember to always give thanks to God for everything and for the far you have come, even when you are going through tough times, give thanks, it could be worse. Don’t despair, sometimes we go through challenges to improve ourselves, to become wiser and stronger, to reach that next level of perseverance and endurance.

Every time I am faced by a tough situation, I get comfort from knowing that it won’t last forever and I know that once it is over I will look back with pride knowing that I fought and won that battle, I came out victorious and shining.

Life can sometimes throw you tough punches that will  knock you down and out of breath, things can be so tough they will leave you gasping! Yet  the same life, out of its abundance it can knock you down with rounds of blessings,  one after the other and leave you breathless, the amazing wonders of our Creator!

When you feel overwhelmed, get down on your knees and pray hard, when things are good and you are feeling blessed, get down on your knees, give thanks and worship him even harder!!

Lastly, know your worth, you are beautifully and wonderfully made! Societal standards don’t make you, you are a unique BRAND by your own right. Don’t sell yourself short, stand strong, let the world be dazzled by your strengths.

Accept your weaknesses gracefully and work on them, everyone has theirs, nobody is perfect, some only put on a facade to deter you.  Strive to be the best you can be in this beautiful journey called life……enjoy it fully.


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  2. kareshia April 22, 2018 at 6:54 pm

    stimulating..keep going gal so proud of you.i pray its gets out there n reach as many people especially young women…#.naona jina yako kwa gazeti soon!

  3. Mercyfox January 23, 2018 at 4:29 am

    Wow so beautiful Shiko. God bless you for this. Keep going girl. I love the passion in you through your words.❤


    1. lifeapricelessgift April 11, 2018 at 5:00 pm

      thanks girl! welcome to read the new article A baby and its Plate, i know you will relate to it too.

  4. Lilian January 22, 2018 at 7:51 pm

    This is so inspiring and am so… so proud of you for finally doing this for sure you are a great writer…I cried a little while reading you touched my soul girl…much love

  5. Fibz January 22, 2018 at 6:36 am

    I really love.
    We are somewhat the same.
    …if a close friend is going through a rough time, i get emotionally involved, i find myself feeling their pain and putting myself in their shoes, and will constantly keep checking on them… that’s me.
    Good work. Keep up

    1. lifeapricelessgift April 11, 2018 at 5:16 pm

      thanks dearie, yes am like that and that who we are. am glad you enjoyed the read. welcome to read my new article on A baby and its plate …Enjoy


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