How I am Coping with Lock- Down During Covid-19

As we all have realized, Covid-19 as a disease may not affect and kill as many people as other major illnesses we know. But this disease has proven to be a disaster beyond anything we have experienced before. With the devastating and far-reaching effects that have been felt globally by every everyone living in this current time.

The lock down found me at work, I had just begun the countdown to my next vacation that was approaching fast. I was excited but at the same time apprehensive of the growing uncertainties arising from the massive spread of the Coronavirus. It was later declared a pandemic.

Somehow, I knew that I might be locked in before I left and in case I managed to leave, there was a chance that I would not be able to come back. It was impossible to know when one would get back eventually.

When travel restrictions were finally put in place, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I was torn in between, one part of me wished the lock-down had come after I’d left. I would have had an indefinite time to spend with my loved ones back at home, something i keep longing for.

The other part was kinda happy that I was locked in because, it meant that I was still employed. The paycheck was secure until the travel restrictions are lifted. After this, nobody knows if we will still have a job or we shall be laid off eventually.

Here, I learned to live one day at a time long time ago. Life is extremely hard out here, its sacrifice and resilience on another level, plus Contracting jobs are never permanent. Today you have it tomorrow you don’t.

After being sealed in, the social distancing rules were put in place, face masks are a must where social distancing is not possible. This means that there is no more sitting in the dining facilities having a good meal over a nice chat with friends. No gatherings of any type, no entertainment among other social amenities. The saddest one of all is no more hugs ☹

It’s during times like this that one get to really realize that all those small normal things and gestures that we always thought as default and took for granted are things that we would crave for if they were taken away from us. Human contact is one of them, it’s comforting and assuring to get a warm hug from a friend, I miss these things.

With all these limitations, suddenly, life seemed strange and harsh. I had to quickly find ways and little things that could add some meaning to this seemingly empty life that has become the new normal.

Fortunately, my employer provides me with all meals, accommodation and other basic needs. I don’t have to worry about where my next meal will come from for myself. I only need to worry about those needs for my family back at home which has been hectic by the way.

So, these are some small things that I have incorporated in my day to day life to bring some sunshine and smile as I survive the lockdown in a happy and healthy way.

1. Limiting my Exposure to Media and Sad News

Soon after Covid-19 became a pandemic, I became so worried.  Given the fact that our healthcare is not well equipped, the thought of thousands of Kenyans getting sick and overrunning the capacities was scary. The indirect effects of a complete lock-down in a country where half of its population lives from hand to mouth, would cause devastating effects.

There was been all kinds of fake and real news that made life look so bleak. I consumed so much information as I read hundreds of articles and eventually my brain was over stimulated and stressed. I had to stop reading to safeguard my mental health.

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It has taken me almost two months to detox my brain after I cut down this consumption. I do check what’s going on in the world every now and then to stay updated to avoid being ignorant, but I don’t indulge much in them. I indulge more on happy news and stories. 

I am glad that I am finally back to a healthy and fresh mind. I can look at life positively again without feeling like it’s the end of the world. I have hope, I see hope and I believe we shall rise again as a healthy world. I can laugh freely again 😊.

2. Taking a 5KM Walk Every Evening

Every evening, when the sun is setting with the most beautiful view, my amazing friend and I take our daily walk. We watch the crimson sunsets in awe :). This is the most refreshing and rejuvenating activity for me so far, I am so thankful for this walk.

The evening breeze, the leisurely but focused stroll and a nice chat helps the brain get fresh air and be renewed. It helps release any stress I have and finish my day feeling so much happier. I really love and always look forward to this walk, the highlight of my day! 😊. 

3. Attending to My Beautiful Plants

Yaass! I have these three plants in the office that I attend to. Two are mine and one for a colleague who is away. One of my plants is a beauty to behold, it’s so green. It has defied all odds to be the healthiest, strongest and most flourishing of its kind around the office 😊.

This plant makes me extremely happy just by looking at it.  It reminds me that we can bloom wherever we are planted. Am so glad that I planted it a few months ago, very therapeutic to attend to and look at.

4. Taking a New Course in Udemy

I love Udemy, I have been taking their courses and I just love how they instruct and take you through. The biggest achievement I have had through Udemy courses is my current job.  A Udemy course I took helped me get promoted for this job. I am so glad I discovered the site. It has all kinds of courses that you can think of.

I am currently enrolled on several other courses and the beautiful thing about it is that there is no rush. Once you purchase a course, it’s available to you forever. The period for access is unlimited, you get to choose your pace. You can take as long as you want without worrying about deadlines, this is awesome 😊.

Image from Unsplash

There are many other good online courses out there, but I have been using Udemy and I like it. The most amazing thing is how cheap and affordable the courses are, with just $10 or 1,000 Kshs you will get yourself a nice course of your choice. They also have some free courses. In case you are interested, this is the website

5. Researching on Small Business Ideas Suitable for Hard Times

Since my job could end at any time, I am trying to come up with other plans for survival. In the evening after work, I like researching on possible business ventures that can be suitable during this corona era.

I need to look at what is happening around me, research, follow and find out the new emerging consumer trends.

This will help identify a need gap that can be fulfilled or a ready market that is promising that one can jump into. We cant keep mourning our lost jobs and failing business for too long. It’s time to change gears, let’s try new things and see where they take us. Don’t be stuck in the old when the new opportunity is beckoning.

This virus is a revolution in the business world. We need to be involved, change with it and take advantage to place ourselves accordingly. Life must go on and the sooner we accept our fates the better. It’s not the end, we shall make it.

6. Riding a Bike

I love riding bikes 😊. Whenever am not walking, I ride a bike instead. I haven’t done this as much as I would like to but am working on it.

The breeze on my face during a bike ride is so exhilarating! Its like a feeling of freedom, the wind blows off the stress and sadness away and leaves me with such a wonderful fresh feeling 😊.

I have taken these small but wonderful steps to heal from the pressure i was exposed to. I almost lost all hope in life, I thought everything had gone to the dogs and life would soon be over.

With these activities combined, I have been able to fight stress and keep depression at bay. My mental health is now in a better shape, they have helped protect myself from any more unhealthy exposure that i have control over.

What are you doing to help you cope during this Covid-19 menace? please take care of your self and stay safe

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