Fun Day Zip-Lining at Kereita Forest

I am super excited writing this article today reasons being: it’s my first post on my new blog 🙂 , secondly I finally managed to go to a place that has been in my bucket list for such a long time….yaay! And lastly, the place turned out to be so much fun, so beautiful and a breath of fresh air that I really needed! The atmosphere in Kereita forest is totally refreshing, I just wanna go back there now 🙂

It’s a Sunday morning, the weather looks slightly gloomy and I am wondering if I really should go to the forest as gloomy weather is not the best for outdoors activities. But the activities are booked, transport has already been arranged and a deposit for the activities has been paid, we just had to go.

The Journey to Kereita Forest

The daughter was sleeping, she didn’t know we were going so I woke her up and she was acting disinterested. She asked where we were going, I told her to the Forest, lol this made her lose interest even further, I think she rolled her eyes. She knows I love forests, am not sure if she actually loves forests too but I still bring her along sometimes anyway. To cut the long story short, we got ready, our ride came and off we left for Kimende the land of cold and lush green fields, where we expected to be buffeted by freezing cold and an even gloomier weather.

The road trip was quite eventful with a few mishaps. First we got lost at the Mai Mahiu junction where there is a new diversion, the Chinese constructors didn’t bother to give directions on what way to follow so we went round and round and found ourselves on a road headed back to Nairobi, Not nice.

Once we managed to turn back to continue with the trip we then had a freak accident whereby we suffered a small dent at the front of the car. Luckily from there everything else flowed smoothly and once we branched off from the highway the directions that are posted along the road by the forest are just awesome, pretty hard to get lost and soon we were at our destination 🙂

And yes, a road trip on this highway is not a road trip without a stopover and pictures at the Rift Valley view point, so we obliged and stopped to take in the breath taking view and some shots 🙂

Oh and lest I forget to mention they charge 200/- for adults and 50/- for students at the gate. They are usually open from 8.30am to 5.30pm

The forest!

The narrow winding road that leads you up to the forest is very scenic, you are surrounded by lush green vegetation that helps set your mood to a refreshed vibrant one ready for the adventure that awaits. If you love nature like me you will feel so awesome and blessed to be in the midst of the majestic trees standing tall along the path 🙂

Amazingly the weather was on the clear! Which was a bit surprising given that we had left Nairobi cold but here some sun was out. This was perfect as we could get at least some few clear shots to show you how beautiful the place is.

Activities offered by the forest

The forest has several exciting activities lined up for you from; Zip lining, bike riding, horse riding, archery, paint balling, nature walks, Tree planting, Forest Rovers and team building among others.

Our interest on this day was the Zip lining, and now that we were here I was starting to feel a bit nervous, I am scared of heights and here I was! I knew my daughter was okay, she loves adrenaline pumped activities, I don’t know who she gets that from 🙂

And of course we were late, getting lost and all, but so lucky that on that day it wasn’t packed and so immediately we arrived we were slotted in, geared up and ready to zip down those lines woowhoo! 🙂 

The Zip lines

There are two options for the zip lines, one for 2 hours duration, 6 lines totaling 2.2 kms at 2,800/- for adult and 2,300 for a child. The other one is for 45 min, 2 lines which is 750m at 1,800/- same rate for both adult and child. We chose the latter given it was my first time and I wasn’t sure if I was even going to be able to complete it. It turned out to be fun than scary, next time I will do all six, it’s actually a better deal for your money anyway.

First step is being weighed, wearing the gear, then you read some information pages and then sign the liability waivers 🙂 Next step is gathering at a small mock zip line for safety briefing, instructions and practice. Then off you march to the actual zip lines once everyone has practiced and the heart starts pounding with adrenaline of the anticipated flight! kudu kudu kudu 🙂

Of course I let my daughter go before me coz well, she has more guts for these things and I should be available for support and to scream should my baby get stuck in the middle. She once got stuck in a tunnel water slide and I hit her and pushed her all the way out. I was so terrified L I thought I had killed my own child, and since then I never get in dark tunnels and I don’t allow her to. I also needed to prepare myself mentally and psychologically as am afraid of heights.

When my turn came I was ready, I decided not to look down, just look ahead and remember instructions and voila! I glided gracefully, what an awesome experience! We both loved it!

After the two lines we decided to walk around taking photos of the beautiful place and it was so much fun too, we were lucky to be joined by two guys who turned out to be fun loving people. Adventures like these need happy and fun loving people to accelerate the fun.

Then we headed to the Archery site

The Archery

The archery site is beautiful, to get there you have to walk on a small path through the forest to the lush green opening with the archery boards.

As we had not booked the activity, the lady and gentleman in charge were kind enough to let us hold the bow and arrow and taught us how to position and allowed us to let off one shot on target, it gave us a feeling of how fun it would be should we come back next time to have a full hour of shooting and a competition thereafter..

Afterwards we toured the place taking more photos and soon it was time to leave. We realized we had forgotten to order our lunch from the restaurant so I will not be able to review the food but at least I saw some prices ranging from a barbeque platter at 1,200 and chips for 300. Alternatively you can come with your food but you will have to leave it in your car at the parking lot as food is not allowed in and that’s fine as the parking lot is not far.

We started our journey back and I remembered a beautiful open space that we had spotted on our way up that was perfect for a photoshoot 🙂 . Yes, I love pictures and I am an aspiring photographer, so we parked the car (my daughter refused to come out of the car because she was hungry and she thinks I love taking photos too much, she would rather eat chips than have fun posing for pictures since she became big…..aargh!) and posed for pictures with a backdrop of grey clouds and then the camera died, they always die at that critical moment and leave you feeling some type of way. Thank God for awesome phones like Huawei with superb camera, it truly saved the day! 🙂

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  1. Morine August 2, 2019 at 11:22 am

    An wawed by Cindy’s courage! Awesome pictures! Kereita is picturesque! A forest trail any day for me. I am also height phobic i thought i will die with the first zip line but the second one feels awesome.

    1. eunice August 2, 2019 at 6:05 pm

      Thanks Morine dear, imagine she is so daring, she really had fun and i will definitely take her back again. we really enjoyed. its scary at first but becomes so much fun later 🙂


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