Artificial Dreadlocks Review, Everything You Need to Know.

Today I want to share a review on a hair style that by now most of you are aware of – Artificial dreadlocks! they have made my world easy and am a very happy woman! I have tried a lot of things on this my head and I have never felt the kind of satisfaction that Artificial dreadlocks have made me feel. This hairstyle is just WOW!  Yes…believe me, if you are a natural or not (I think all types are doable) and if you ever had the desire for real dreadlocks but the hustle to grow the damn things is too much like it was for me, then gurrrl!…look no further…this is it! 🙂

Now before we go any further, two disclaimers 😊 number one, this is not a sponsored post, am sharing my experience and where it was done. Number two, if you are that chic who loves a neat head 24/7, if you are that kind of girl that removes your braids after 2 weeks ati because they look unkempt, Honey, just PASS…. move along love coz this is not your cuppa tea lol, …this is for ladies who like a little rugged look and low maintenance hair styles.

So, what exactly are Faux/Artificial locks?

According to Wikipedia, Faux/Artificial/Synthetic dreads are interlocked coils of synthetic hair, mostly kanekalon that are made in a way that gives the look and feel of natural dreadlocks without the commitment or maintenance (love that part lol). They are mainly worn as a fashion statement. Now you know! 😊

Six months ago, I was coming home for vacation, and as usual I was looking forward to having a nice hairdo by a good stylist at a reasonable price. Those who live and work in the Middle East know how expensive it is to get your hair done over here.

Anyways, due to my insane working hours and the hustle I go through to get my hair done I always wished I had dreads because they are not too tasking and neither do they have to be neat all the time, they are a lesser headache but I wasn’t getting them because: 

  1. Time and effort/commitment – It’s a lot of work getting real dreads on fresh hair and getting them to look good because the older and longer they are the better they look.
  2. I still wanted to have my hair free to rock some braids and open hairstyles every now and then when the mood is right! You know eating your cake and still have it typpa thing 😊
  3. I wasn’t ready to cut my hair up when I got tired with the dreads which is what happens in most cases. You have to chop it up and start all over. Although I saw a very interesting post about a chic who undid her 6yrs old dreadlocks and got her hair back!!! Isn’t that awesome! Finally, dreadlocks are now reversible, but it was after a lot of work, products and patience. I think it’s well worth it.

So, I got to browsing on FB for nice hairstyles I can copy paste, I came across a lady who was spotting Artificial Dreadlocks. She was gushing of how good they are and the length of the duration. This caught my interest, I searched for the page of the lady who did them and I immediately knew I wanted them 😊.

What attracted me most is the fact that they looked so real it was amazing, secondly the length of how long you could last with them, the stylist said they could last for 12months if well taken care of, if that isn’t amazing hair news, I don’t know what is. I was tired of maintaining my hair, sometimes I just don’t feel like being bothered, combing it every morning or getting it done every month. This new discovery was absolutely welcome for me.

So I booked her ASAP, her FB name is Rose Dorah of Dorah crocheting. I mean I landed today and the following day they were on my head, that’s how bad I wanted them 😊….and just like that, my journey with Artificial dreads started on the fast and furious kind of way. I love them! they are so light, most people assume that they are heavy, but you don’t even feel them, the feeling the same as of your normal hair.

They are so easy to maintain, you just have to wash them often, I do it once a month since am not exposed to dust. I use light oils so it doesn’t get grease build up. You just wash it the way you wash your hair, shampoo it first, conditioning next and I finish it off  with a leave in treatment. Very simple,  Am telling you this style is the IT STYLE for me. I just spritz it each morning with water mixed with any liquid light oil like olive oil, Coconut oil or avocado oil, whichever one you choose.


Now this is where most people shy away from Artificial dreads, price ni kizungumkuti LOL. Basically they go for around 5k to 8k in Kenya depending on where/who is installing them for you. Mine were done at 7500/, that’s her charges and according to me it’s worth the price. In fact, if you look at this properly, this is a cost saving way of doing your hair especially if you are going through cash crunch. Don’t be scared of the lumpsum, let me explain why: –

  • First, this hair is made to last for up to 12 months if you wish. I want mine to stay for 6 or 7 months to avoid getting too bored and the growth is long. Now, can you do the calculations on how much you would have spent on normal salon visits for 6 months? The total Is way higher than the 7500 I used to get this installed.
  • I did my first retouch after almost 4 months, so for a whole 4 months I was on free mode, no worries, no maintenance, life was bliss!! The guy charged me 1200/ but I had another salon that was offering for 700/ but it was far and I was in a hurry. Anyway, i didn’t like the 1200 one much so i won’t be going back there. Actually i realized its so easy to do the re-twisting yourself after washing the hair, so cut that expense out.
  • The stylist spends double time creating the locks and installing them later, creating them is an innovative art that we need to pay for, bless that soul who came up with this. You have to admit people’s creativity nowadays is out of this world! Also, the stylist will lose you as a customer for around 6 to 12 months, how does she survive? so she needs to make sure she accounts for that in the price before you disappear from her pay tubs forever 😊
  • The amount of peace, rest and relaxation this dreads offer is definitely worth that price! You are just chilled out for all those months, no worries, no torturous salon visits, I dread salon visits btw, the amount of time you spend sitting on your fine a** waiting in line, then when they are working on you is a pain in the neck! You can check in to a salon as early as 10 am and you leave as late as midnight for a hairstyle that will barely last you a month! then there’s the pinching pain, ouch!!. Thank God for new friendly inventions 😊
  • This style is good for the Gym as you you can wash them anytime, you can swim in them as much as you want, get rained on without a care in the world! isn’t that liberating? to be able to walk and dance in the rain on your hair and on your face? they towel/air dry very fast, faster than braids, Man! this is freedom!
  • And finally!…..drum rolls!! 😊 the priceless gift of rocking 12 inch gorgeous dreadlocks that looks completely real without having to endure that long painful process and years of nurturing them. Instant dreadz! Yaani, you become a Rastafari PAP! I have had guys on the streets calling out to me like, Niaje Ras, or Rasta gal bla bla, it feels good! 😊.  They look so real hadi original dreadlocks owners felt threatened by this new development, I saw one lady (real original Rasta gal 😊)  on social media rant about it, you should have seen how the Faux locks gang came at her guns blazing! Haha.

We are sorry ma’am but this is how life is nowadays, you spend years of sweat creating a blue print of  something but once completed people copy it and reproduce it, with no regards to originality, they make it even better and it becomes a hit overnight….what can we say? c’est la vie “that’s life!

The installation process.

My dreads were installed through crotchet method, I like its results better. I have seen different ways the crotchet is being done by other stylists and some leave a lot to be desired.  Especially the ones that have that division in the middle, it makes them look less real.

The installation takes 3 hours, can you imagine that? The irony! 3 hrs- lasts 12 months while 7 hrs braids will last a month or 1.5 at most 😊.  You book her on appointment so there is no waiting around, customers arrive according to schedule and in 3 hours you are transformed into a brand-new Rastafarian babe, ready to rock and own a reggae night somewhere, haha.

She will then give you the instructions on the oil and products to use, how to do it and ask you to check out her routine on her FB page. She will then graciously pocket a whopping 7,500/ of your hard-earned cash and take the next flight back to Malindi 😊. She shuffles between cities and she is highly sort after. This girl is making a kill, if she doesn’t buy a private jet during these Artificial locks wave before it fades, she only has herself to blame, (@Rose don’t shoot me) 😊 everyone has their season and that’s the beauty of life.

The installation is easy, smooth and painless, you won’t believe it, compared to the pain you feel from normal braiding. Prior to your appointment she instructs you to come with your hair washed and half blow-dried, so basically you must visit another salon for wash and straightening before going to her.

I kind of felt it was an unnecessary extra cost to the customer given the amount of money you are paying, this should be included in the installation process. Why should I visit another salon before I come to your salon? What if my hair gets over processed? She should at least ask you to come with the hair washed then she straightens the hair herself to her desired texture. No offense though, just my honest opinion.

The downside.

Just like everything else in life, there is the other side of this awesome Locks

  • One of the things I noted that made me almost regret installing the locks was how stiff they were immediately after installation. You see, no one warned me about it. Actually, nobody talks about it in all those FB posts, yet it was almost a deal breaker coz I didn’t know it was a temporary thing. I did not sleep well for the first few days. Then I fell sick which made it even worse. Luckily, they soon started to soften and got better with time, now they have an all-natural feel.
  • The locks were rough on my skin, I would feel so itchy the first few days when they made contact with neck and also on the head which was constant, but when the stiffness ended the itch also ended.
  • They attract lint, there are some tops that I wear, and the Locks will collect lint on the edges, but this doesn’t bother me much as I just remove them.
  • Lastly, everyone and their mother is now wearing these locks, so the novelty is over, all over sudden almost all black women have dreadlocks, it has taken away the “special Rasta feeling” lol.  Before, being a Rastafari was symbolic, now it’s just another fashion trend. Our legend Bob Marley must be turning in his grave lol. Even men can tell they are artificial, not because they don’t look real but because you didn’t have them yesterday and today you do.   When a man learns to tell the difference between artificial and original in any beauty regime, it’s basically time to move on to a new trick! haha. Anyway, the prices have dropped, and it feels like a Kenya uniform thing now 😊.

I haven’t experienced any other negative effects Other than those three aspects that are temporary and manageable.

If you have been on the fence now you have all the info you need to make your decision. They are especially good for women who are expecting. Kwanza that last month and when baby is new you have no time for hair so instead of those bad matutas 😊 these locks will have you sorted until you wean the baby and life gets easier. Myself I am re- installing them again in January after I undo the current ones. Kenya uniform or not, they perfectly suit my needs and I love them. They should have been discovered like 6years ago 😊!

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