About Me

Hello there and welcome to Charting New Horizons! 🙂

My name is Eunice, i am a lover of life and Mother Nature.  I am especially intrigued by the mysterious nature of life, its seasons and abundance. I love reflecting and appreciating this priceless gift called life and am inviting you to join me on this  journey as we chart out all the new horizons that life is offering us. This blog shall  focus on all life experiences as they come.

I am mesmerized by the sheer beauty that mother nature is, i get overwhelmed just by being in the presence of a gorgeous scenery. I would love to share with you pictures and stories of  my travel experiences  mostly within Kenya, there is some much to see in Kenya i don’t know where to begin 🙂 . This blog will not be limited to any kind of fixed  budget, i love living according to my financial  abilities  at that given moment, so you will be indulged with everything from budget travels to luxury experiences depending on the liquidity of the moment, am a YOLO  kinda person so lets have some fun!!!!! 🙂

I am a healthy living enthusiast and as expensive as it is,  i try to indulge in  natural products whenever i can afford. Once in a while, we shall be checking out and reviewing  healthy foods, hair care and Facial products as well as beauty regimes  using all natural products. I shall also share natural remedies i have learned about  for small illnesses that can be treated with products that are sitting pretty  on your shelves! 🙂

Once again thank you for gracing us with your  awesome presence. Feel free to share away anything that pleases you or  leave a comment. You are appreciated!

ENJOY……… 🙂


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